How To Survive the Exams – Exam Guide

The exams are coming so close. Mine start the 12th of June, but for some of you they may be even closer. I thought it would be handy to share some tips to survive one of the darkest times of the year: the finals.


The first thing I want to talk about is preparation. It’s not smart to start studying a day or two before your exams begin. So start studying a few weeks before the exams start. I know that this may sound crazy, but I swear that this can help a lot. If you’re not feeling like studying a few weeks before the exams start, then it is maybe smart to look over all the learning material and notes you need to study to check that everything is filled in and that you understand everything. This is handy to avoid last minute stress, because you know what is coming upon you, if that makes any sense. Just begin on time with the preparation. 

If you like planning or if you just feel better when you make a planning, it’s good to make a study schedule. I think it’s pretty self explanatory: you make a schedule from the day that you start studying until the day before your exams start (or until your exams are over). You write down for every single day what you’re going to study and how much. Personally, I like to make this kind of schedules so I know that I maybe have to work a bit faster or that I can calm down a bit with the studying. I make them as a powerpoint, so there’s one slide for each day. I write the day of the week and the date on top and beneath the information. Just keep in mind to not overload days with studying and working for school. It’s better to plan out multiple days to study a certain subject than planning out doing that in one day. You will see by the time you need to study that, it maybe won’t happen as you planned it to be (which is something that happens to all of us). At that point, you’ll just be disappointed and sad that you couldn’t do it in one day. But let’s be honest, the feeling that you’re ahead on your schedule is something amazing, right? So when you plan doing something on three days, and you already finished it on the second day, that feeling gives a lot of motivation. So that is the way to go!


Something that also may come in handy is to print out a list of everything you need to study. At my school, the teachers are required to make a list of everything we need to study and put it on our digital school agenda, so we can print it out if we want. I like to have all these lists printed out, so it is clear what I need to study and I always have that list next to me when I’m studying. If teachers in your school don’t make such a list, then I recommend to make one because it can help prevent that you forget to study something.

That is I think everything which is important for the preparation. Now, lets get to the real work: studying.


While studying, it is important to know what you’re learning and that you understand everything. That makes it also easier to remember. If you don’t understand something, immediately ask for help from your teacher or maybe a family member. By skipping that part you don’t understand, you won’t get much further with studying. 

Something I always do if I need to study for my exams are looking over all my tests of that semester and sometimes making them again. This will give you an overview of what you struggled with, so you can focus more on that while studying. By subjects like maths, bookkeeping and science, it can be helpful to remake exercises from the workbook or to do some exercises on the Internet, if you can find them.

Not trying to get distracted is a real challenge for me. I can get distracted by the most stupid things, like a fluffy for example (or Noah). There are some things you can do to help reduce to get distracted while studying: 

  • Keep your study area clean and minimalistic (as little stuff as possible)
  • Stay away from electronics
  • Keep everything what you actually need near you, so you don’t have to get up every time you need something


Now, it’s time to make the actual exam.

The Exam Itself

Be well prepared when going to your exam. Bring a drink, tissues, writing materials, etc. and be sure to wear comfortable clothes.

When you get to a question on your exam that you don’t know or you just can’t remember the answer, don’t freak out! Just skip that one question and go on with your exam. When you finished filling in everything, go back to the questions you didn’t fill in. If you still don’t know the answer after thinking for 10 minutes straight, it’s the best to just fill something in that seems logic to you and maybe, you never know, it’ll be correct. Always write something down, even if you don’t know what the answer is.

Something I cannot tell you enough to do is to always revise your exam multiple times. You can just never revise your exam enough. I make stupid mistakes very often, definitely with maths, so revising that exam multiple times won’t hurt. 

Other Things to Keep In Mind

It’s very important to be motivated, and I know it’s hard to do that. You’re tired, you want summer and you absolutely don’t want to study at all. Still, try to find a way to keep being motivated. Maybe plan out something you want to do in the summer so you can look forward to that.


Besides all the studying it is also very important to take breaks and relax a bit. Ok, exams are important and you have to study hard and well, but it is as much as important to relax and take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, drink enough water, relax enough, etc. These things are quite basic, but very important. When it’s Friday for example, you can maybe hang out with friends or do an at-home spa evening by yourself. You deserve a day of rest, trust me, it will do wonders.

And lastly, I want to say that it is OK if you’re not really good in a certain subject. Not everyone is good in everything. Just keep that in mind.

Good luck with your exams! 

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KiddyPawz – Out! ♥



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