Street Cats In Sicily – A Holiday Story

A few months ago, I went to Sicily. I visited the Etna, lots of cities and enjoyed the amazing views on a lot of places (you can see the pictures on my Instagram). Overall, I had an amazing time over there. A little while ago, I looked at some photos again, and I wanted to write a special blogpost about my holidays I spent there. And today I want to share a story… 


This can be just me, but every time I see a street cat, I’m getting a bit emotional. I just feel bad for them, because they need to search for food everyday and they just don’t have a home where they can return to every evening. I’ve seen quite a lot of street cats in Sicily, but I’m going to share a story of two amazing cats who I’ve met: a mother and her kitten.

The mother cat and kitten lived just next to my hotel. I saw them everyday, which melted my heart every single day. The kitten’s tiny head and paws… It was just too cute! But something I’ve realized is how well the mother was taking care of her little baby. It was really impressive to see. Every time something or someone came near to her kitten, she immediately stood in front of him, protecting him. She also taught him to chase and played a lot with him. She was just an amazing mother.

IMG_1133 IMG_6527 - copie.jpg

I couldn’t keep looking at them hoping to get food from me every time I went to them, so I bought cat food to give them every day during my visit there. When I fed them the first time, you could really see that they didn’t eat in a very long time. The kitten was a bit shy in the beginning, so the mother ate almost the whole pack by her own. But the day after, the kitten came closer and the day after he just ate the food with his mother, like it was nothing.

Even though the mother was really protective about het kitten, she was really nice to people. I think this was mainly because she hoped to get food from them, but every time she saw me coming, she meowed and came to me. The kitten on the other hand was really shy and didn’t really want to come near to people, but I think that is just a good sign. It was very good that the kitten didn’t just go to everyone he saw, because there are people out there with bad intentions. And definitely because he was still so little, it was better for him to stay safe in his little cave, close to his mother. 

But I feel like they trusted me a bit more than they did with other people, because I gave them food and stayed a while as well every day. One of my last days in Sicily, the kitten even came quite close to me and I was able to play a little bit with him.

This made me think …

These animals deserve a warm home like everyone else. The way some people treat animals these days is just sickening. That has also to deal with the rights the animals have, or should I say, the rights they don’t have. I think that really has to change, and I’m so sure that there are a lot of animal lovers who think exactly like me. It’s just unacceptable the way animals are treated these days (and then I’m talking about animal abuse, animal testing, …) They just deserve the same rights like everyone else does.

When you think about getting a pet, please think carefully. Do you have enough time for it? Are you able to take care of it? An animal isn’t just a thing to get in your house to just have it. Once you take it in your house, it is part of the family and not just your animal. Leaving animals behind on the street is something unacceptable in my eyes. My message is just to think carefully when you think about getting a pet, because they deserve love and warmth like everyone else does and they definitely don’t deserve to end up on the streets after one year of living with someone.


My cat Noah

Noah (my lovely cat) also has a story similar to this this. He, his little brother and his sister were left behind on the streets when they were just a few weeks old. They were left next to an airport, which obviously made a lot of noise. Luckily, a nice woman picked them up and brought them to her home. This woman does these things a lot with cats and dogs that are left behind. Noah is now always really scared of (loud) noises and we think it has to do with the fact that he was left behind on a noisy location. And now he is traumatized for the rest of his life. By this, you can see that those stupid things can have such a big impact on animals their lives in the future.

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KiddyPawz – Out! ♥



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