Rituals: Express Your Soul Limited Edition Body Scrub – Review

When I saw this body scrub in the store, I immediately thought: ‘I need to review this!’  So that’s what I’m going to do today.

This Express Your Soul body scrub is a limited edition body scrub by MadC, a female street artist. She helped forming the design of the scrub.


The scrub costs €19,50 in Belgium, £19.50 in the UK and $29.00 in the USA. There is just one size of pot available, which contains 375 gr of product. I have to admit that I think this product is quite pricy. You can buy body scrubs for a lot cheaper in other stores, but those are definitely not comparable to this body scrub. Body scrubs from Rituals always have something special, that’s why I love them so much.

I’m literally obsessed with the packaging. Seriously though, I think I’ve never seen such a beautiful pot. The lid definitely makes it attractive and luxurious looking. I also love how minimalistic the pot is: the golden text on the light colored background fits really well together.

The two main ingredients are verbena (a type of herbaceous flower) and petitgrain (a type of citrus fruit). There are also a lot of different types of natural oils in this scrub, which leaves your skin super hydrated.


The smell is really fresh and strong, perfect for summer. The scrub parts are big, what I personally like a lot. Honestly, I think this is the best scrub I’ve ever tried. The big scrub parts scrubbed away my dead skin very well and the oils in it moisturized my skin afterwards. It was just an amazing sensation.

This scrub is limited edition, so don’t wait too long to get it! This is a chance that you don’t want to miss.

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KiddyPawz – Out! ♥


2 thoughts on “Rituals: Express Your Soul Limited Edition Body Scrub – Review

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