Rituals: The Ritual of Karma Sun Protection Face Cream – Review

Because you really seem to like my reviews, I’m doing another one today, but I’m also planning to do a lot more in the future. Recommendations are welcome 🙂

Since summer just started for me, I needed to look for a new sunscreen. Normally, I would use the sunscreen from Nivea, but they sell to China so I couldn’t use those anymore (because I stopped buying products from cosmetic brands who test on animals). So I thought this would be the right time to post a review of a sunscreen.

The Ritual of Karma sun protection face cream is a water resistant sunscreen for your face with SPF 30.

The price is €15,00/50 ml in Belgium and £15.00/50 ml in the UK. I couldn’t find it for the USA, so I think Rituals doesn’t sell this product (yet) in the USA.


The packaging is really simple, but I absolutely love the mint blue color of the tube. The smell on the other hand is not a typical sunscreen smell. I once had a limited edition body scrub of this line and I really enjoyed using that, mainly because of the smell.

The main ingredients in this sunscreen are organic white tea and ginkgo biloba (a type of leaf). Rituals is well-known for using a lot of natural and organic ingredients in their products, and that is something that makes me really happy.

I have to admit that I hate sunscreen, because it’s just so sticky and grose, especially when you sweat. But when I discovered this sunscreen, literally every bad thought about sunscreen left my head. I don’t know what it is with this sunscreen, but I love it. Yep, you read it right: I love this sunscreen.

The reason why is really simple: it’s not sticky at all. It stays on my face very well without making me a disco ball because of the glow. It is also very comfortable to wear, because you literally don’t feel it at all. This is definitely motivational to wear more sunscreen in the summer, which is of course very important to protect your skin.


Now, it’s actually time to test this sunscreen out. A while ago, it was around 32°C in Belgium. That was of course the perfect time to test this little guy out. I wore it every day to school and I didn’t even notice that I had sunscreen on. I also swam with it, and I didn’t get sunburnt with the sunscreen on.

This sunscreen is also available in SPF 50 for the same price at Rituals. 

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KiddyPawz – Out! ♥


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