5 Benefits Of Scrubbing

Scrubbing has become an important step in my skincare and shower routine. I can only see benefits in scrubbing your face and body and today I’m going to show 5 benefits of scrubbing.

#1 Dead skin cells will be gone

This is quite self explanatory: when you scrub your skin, the upper layer with bacteria and dead skin cells will be removed. This will prevent any dirt and excess oil going into your pores.

#2 Soft skin

By removing that upper layer of dirt and excess oil, your skin will be left really soft. This depends on the size of the scrub parts and the quality of your scrub. I notice that when I scrub with bigger scrub parts my skin is softer than when I scrub with smaller scrub parts.

#3 Better results with tanning

Everyone always wants to get a nice tan in summer. By scrubbing your body, tanning will have better results. Give it a try this summer, it really works.

#4 Shaving goes easier

Because your skin is softer, shaving will go a lot smoother. There such a difference between shaving after scrubbing and shaving without scrubbing in advance. Your razor will literally slide over your skin… It’s amazing!

#5 Your skin will absorb lotion better

Because the excess layer of dead skin cells is gone if you scrub, your skin will absorb your lotion a lot better. I think this is quite self explanatory.

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KiddyPawz – Out! ♥


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