My Journey To Become Happier – A Journey, by KiddyPawz

There are three main things I really would like to change in my life: going cruelty-free, becoming a minimalist and becoming healthier. Overall, I want to become happier.

A little disclaimer at first: my definition of happiness is maybe not yours. Happiness for someone is maybe having a lot of food (well, this one is as well in my definition of happiness :p ) and for someone else it can be having a lot of money. The definition of happiness is just different for everyone.

In this series I’m going to share my journey with the goal to become my definition of happy. I’ve been thinking about this project already for quit a long time, but never got the courage and will to make this series, because I thought it maybe wouldn’t be interesting. But, obviously, my thoughts have changed. Now I’m thinking that this can maybe inspire other people or help other people to find their happiness as well.

It’s by the way not that I’m only going to discuss those three topics for now, that those are the only things that could make me happy. There are, of course, a lot of other things that make me really happy, but I would maybe like to share those in a separate post, because I thought it would be more interesting if I mainly focus on those three main things for now to try this new series out.

Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and showing you what I want to reach soon.

Going cruelty free

If you already follow me for a bit, then you would know that I wanted to go cruelty-free a while ago. I already made a separate post about this with all the information about cruelty-free things and why I wanted to do this. Soon, I’ll also give an update about this whole process.

Becoming a minimalist

Over the past few months, minimalism has interested me a lot. I got inspired by YouTubers and also by Marie Kondo. Minimalism has interested me, because I’m actually done with owning a lot of stuff that I don’t need/use and I do believe that if you have less stuff, you’ll have less stress or ‘pressure’ on you.

I also think that going cruelty-free leans on to minimalism. You become more aware of what products you own and you only keep the ones from brands who don’t test on animals, so the ones that make you happy when you use them, right? So you’re actually also discarding a lot of products overtime, which leans on to becoming a minimalist. Becoming a minimalist can take a long time, so my goal for now is actually to discard a lot of my stuff and buying a lot less things (I don’t need). That’s where I’m going to start with and later on, I can go towards the goal of becoming a minimalist, which is the big goal I would like to reach. 


Becoming healthier

I think this is a goal that a lot of people want to reach. Kind of basic maybe, but it is really something I want to change in my life to, hopefully, become happier. A year and a half ago, I was the unhealthiest I’ve ever been. I ate a lot of snacks (mostly candy) and drank a lot of soda. I felt unhappy because of something personal, and eating made me happy. But that definition of happy was somehow different than it is for me now. I felt really unhealthy and at some point, where I felt a lot better (mentally), I thought it was enough. So I already changed a bit to a healthier lifestyle, but I feel like I’m still not on the right track. With ‘becoming healthier’ I mean to eat better and to exercise more. I don’t want to become a hardcore fitness girl who only eats healthy food, but I just want to feel happy with my body and living with a healthy body where I’m proud of.

I will be sharing my experiences about these topics in upcoming separate posts. After those posts, I’ll give a big update about this whole journey. Just remember that I probably won’t reach these goals in a month or two. Sometimes, reaching goals like these can take for months or even for years. 

So that was the little introduction of my new series and I hope you are as excited as I am.

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KiddyPawz – Out! ♥


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